Information on WEEDeck and Ordering

WEEDeck Prices

You can order WEEDeck by choosing the cards you want to have in the deck or by ordering complete decks with all 303 species cards.
Presently our complete WEEDecks contain 319 WEEDeck cards.The deck will be split and you will receive 4 covers, 4 sets of generic cards plus 4 ezilinks (see below about ezilinks). One complete deck will cost $210 + postage. This price includes our collation and handling fees.
Cards are priced indivdually and can only be ordered as part of a deck. Every deck ordered must include the following:

  • WEEDeck cover

  • Generic cards (glossary, management, alert)

  • Ezilink

If you want over 80 cards the deck will have to be split into 2 and you will have to order 2 links, two covers and two sets of generic cards.
Following are the prices:

  • Each card (including cover & generic cards) 50 cents + GST.

  • Each ezilink is $1.99 + GST

  • Plus handling fee

Shipping Information

Price of cards does not include postage and handling. Determining the postage is difficult and that will have to be worked out once we know what you want and the order has been packed for posting. Australia Post requires the weight plus box measurements.

If we are asked to estimate the postage it could be estimated a bit higher than if we had it weighed after packing to determine the exact weight and postage. If it is estimated lower than actual cost you will be charged the actual cost. If your order is large we will probably send it to you using registered post and in some cases we will have to insure it. There may be occasions when we need to send it by courier. However we will discuss this with you if we are unable to send it by ordinary Australia Post.

Order Information

At the bottom of this form is a link to the order form which can be emailed to us by clicking on the SUBMIT button. You can also do any of the following

Mail: Send this form to:
Sainty and Associates Pty Ltd
Villa 30, 29 Sidlow Road
Griffith NSW 2680 Australia

email us if you have any questions.

When you order please don't forget to: