Geoff has been a consultant in the field of wetland ecology and wetland design and management for over 40 years. His extensive knowledge and experience has been used in hundreds of projects over the years. Below is just a very small sample of the range of issues he deals with.


streamimage Stream rehabilitation

Stopping erosion is a key part of stream rehabilitation and plant cover, jute matting, coir logs and SOILocker are some of the effective methods. Involves vegetation replacement, weed control, and structures to trap rubbish and contaminates that cost less and are robust over time.

2009. Erosion control using millet, jute matting and SOILocker, Penrith, NSW.


vergreseach Vegetation surveys

We specialize in wetland systems and working with botanists. Through our direct involvement with the Sydney Herbarium we are able to identify wetland and stream plant species and communities.

Nymphaea jacobsii Named after our dear friend and colleague Surrey Jacobs who died in 2010.


saltmarsh Saltmarsh Ecology

Involves wetland assessment and, methods of enhancing saline areas that have been degraded.


2009 Hacking River, NSW, with a mix of saltmarsh with mangroves and bare areas.


environflows Environmental flows

Involves investigating flow regimes and minimal water requirements of streams.

2010. Laura Torrible on edge of off-river storage, Barwon River, north western NSW. Red cover is Red Watermilfoil Myriophyllum verucosum.


wetland design Wetland Design and Manintenance

Developing concept designs that can deliver robust water quality outcomes and at the same time reduce the cost of construction and be easy to maintain.


2010. Creek St investigations prior to developing a major saltmarsh construction on the Cudgera River, Hastings Point, Northern NSW.